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Are you confused by network cables? Not to mention an ethernet cable or patch panel. Don’t worry we have the solution for you. We aim to work with our clients in order to help provide networking solutions.

Network Design & Cable Installation

We offer Network Design & Cable Installation services to any size business. In today’s industry, having a network that is able to cope with the demands required for your business is essential.

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    CORE NETWORKING and CABLE offers the products and services to deliver structured wiring solutions that are flexible and scalable to the needs of the customer. From needs analysis and design to installation, project management, testing, and network documentation, CORE NETWORKING and CABLE provides the services to keep your network in business. For LAN/Campus Frame-Based (Ethernet) Solutions CORE NETWORKING and CABLE provides modular and workgroup solutions for: 

    10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and Gigabit switching at Layers 2, 3 and Application prioritization at Layer 4. We have designed and implemented frame-based solutions for hundreds of clients, including the integration of frame services into high-speed, fault-tolerant backbone technologies We specialize in helping customers migrate from shared technologies or first generation switched networks to newer technologies, including strategies such as trunking and port, MAC, and protocol-based VLANS.

    Network Design & Installation Solutions

    Fiber Optic Cable Design, Installation & Testing

    Fiber Optic Distribution Network During the past 25 years the use of optical fiber in communications has grown dramatically. Increasingly, telephone and cable systems are converting from copper wire to fiber optic cable. 

    Local Area Networks (LAN), also are using more fiber optics than copper cables. We provide our customers with valuable information and support for specific technical applications resulting in efficient solutions that keep our customers’ networks up and running. Because fiber optic cable has so many advantages over copper cabling, such as an incomparably greater speed, substantially larger carrying capacity, greater transmission distances, greater resistance to electromagnetic noise such as radios, electric motors, lightning, or other nearby cables, and lower installation and maintenance costs, CORE NETWORKING and CABLE has chosen to focus on use of fiber optic distribution networks in its LAN and WAN installations.

    CORE NETWORKING and CABLE works side by side with customers in designing systems to meet their specific needs.

    Cat5E, Cat6 & Cat6A & Fiber Optic Solutions

    The Right Tools For The Right Networking Solution. Every Time.

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